Pasta di Liguria

Pasta di Liguria is an authentic Italian, regional artisan pasta made by the Minaglia family from their hometown in the Ligurian Apennine mountains. The unique shapes depict the centuries-old culinary traditions of one of Italy’s healthiest local cuisines and most beautiful coastal regions. Made using artisan techniques and with no added colorings or flavorings- just 100% certified Italian, organic, natural ingredients and pure spring water.

It is a pasta that, with each bite, tells the story of the people and the land of its origin – Liguria.



The Coast, with its mild climate and crystal-clear waters is an area famed for its seafood, wild herbs, citrus fruits and olive oil. Simple hand-made pasta shapes have evolved from the coastal villages to become world-famous dishes like Trofiette with Pesto alla Genovese, which in perfect simplicity, bring together all the pungent scents and flavors of the Riviera.


The backdrop of steep mountains make up the other side of the region. In this extreme terrain, the inhabitants have formed the land into terraces, making dry-stone walls and using every available inch to grow vegetables, vineyards and chestnut trees. Hearty pasta dishes have evolved using these ingredients like “Signorine di Castagne”, a Chestnut flour pasta whose sweet, smoky taste and nutrient-rich ingredients make it a delicious regional specialty.


These iconic shapes are the symbols of Italian cuisine the world- over. Loved by adults and children alike, for family meals or for special occasions, ‘I Classici’ are about bringing people together around the table. Accompanied by velvety tomato sauces, their understated simplicity is pure perfection on a plate.


Organic specialties from the Ligurian Riviera..

Just simply 100% certified organic, Italian ingredients, pure spring water and centuries of artisan know-how..


Our family uses only organic, natural and local ingredients, without the addition of colorings and flavourings.

Try our products in a traditional recipe!

100% organic
Our ingredients
Pure spring water

We are lucky enough to live in one of the most uncontaminated areas in italy. Nestled in the ligurian appenine mountains, all the waer for our pasta comes from antola natural park that surrounds the pastificio.

Organic durum wheat semolina

We have made a choice to support local farmers, sourcing only the best 100% certified organic, first extraction durum wheat semolina grown and milled in italy, so we can guarentee you an authentic, italian, artisan pasta from the field to your table.

Traditional ingredients

Our flavored pastas are made with the addition of only traditional ingredients, enjoyed by generations as a way of adding flavor to Ligurian pasta dishes through enriching the dough with locally abundant produce.


The abundance of Spinach and wild leaves that grow all year round on the terraced land along the coast of Liguria has meant they are a key ingredient in Ligurian cuisine. We use only pure, locally grown, organic spinach to enrich our pasta and offer a traditional alternative pasta type to our selection.