Let us introduce ourselves


The Minaglia brothers have been making artisan pasta for over 30 years from their hometown of Montoggio, in the Appennine mountains near Genoa. Specializing in traditional shapes from the centuries-old tradition of pasta-making in the region, they have grown to become the leading producers of Ligurian specialtiy pasta, with their award winning shapes being enjoyed the world-over.

How we work

All our raw materials are organic and Italian. We do not use any kind of aroma, preserving the authentic taste of the best local ingredients. Even the spring water, coming from the Antola Nature Park, contributes to obtaining a natural and genuine product.

Dried at low temperature

A long, natural drying process is key phase in quality, artisan pasta production. Being patient and allowing the pasta the time it needs to retain all the flavor and organoleptic properties of the wheat, whilst guaranteeing that classic al dente bite that artisan pasta is famous for.


The extraction through bronze dies is one of the major characteristics of authentic artisan pasta. It gives our pasta that distinctive roughness and porosity that allows the flavor to sink in and the sauce to meld perfectly to it.

Always with natural, organic and italian ingredients


International Food Standard (IFS) is an audit organization, created in 2003, which certifies food suppliers. Based on the standard ISO 9001 and the HACCP system, it promotes the efficient selection of food vendors with the trademark of the GDO, on the basis of their ability to provide safe products, complying with specifications and meeting contractual and legal requirements. It is a recognized model in Europe and in the rest of the world.

The BRC Global Standards are a leading global safety and quality certification program, used throughout the world by over 17,000 certificated suppliers in 90 countries through a network of over 80 accredited and BRC recognized Certification Bodies; The BRC Global Standards are widely used by suppliers and global retailers. They facilitate standardization of quality, safety, operational criteria and manufacturers’ fulfillment of legal obligations. They also help provide protection to the consumer ensuring, for example, the traceability of the products.

All our production is certified by BioAgricert, entity which provides and authorizes the production of our organic products. Bioagricert is an Independent Body for Technical Inspection and Certification which was born in 1984. In 1993 it obtained the recognition of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry as a National Governing Body authorized for the inspection and certification of organic production. Bioagricert forms part of the list of inspection bodies and certification in accordance with EC Regulation 834/2007 recognized by the European Union. Bioagricert certifies in the agro-food sector on the basis of national and international standards and also in the sector of no food.